well hello pillow cuteness!

I’m kinda smitten with all of the cute hello goodness out there these days, so when I decided to do my own take I knew it had to be a super simple project.… Sigue leyendo

String Arg

Can a string create something stylish and cool? The answer must be yes. Even a simple string can make a perfect art if you learn some tricks about it. Don’t you believe that?… Sigue leyendo

DIY Wooden Sign

I love of signs. Whenever I need to fill up a big empty wall space, I  usually make a sign.  You can see some of them here, here and here. I decided that I needed a new… Sigue leyendo

Neon Sign

Make your own indoor neon light sign, without needing to master the art of blowing neon glass tubes! And no, I’m not talking about taping glowsticks on a wall… ビール (biiru) means beer… Sigue leyendo

Cuadros de madera ¡DIY!

In This House We Do Family Wood Sign Tutorial

Toallas personalizadas DIY

DIY Graphic Beach Towels