Concrete Pendant Lamp

  Designer lighting can be quite pricey. You can make yourself an entire set of stylish concrete pendant lights with a single bag of concrete mix and some old plastic bottles.   SUPPLIES:… Sigue leyendo

Concrete Bowl Lamp

  This is a super easy concrete DIY project. Use basic cereal bowls to form Quikrete cement mix into a futuristic-looking space pod of a lamp.   SUPPLIES:  Glass Jar with a Lid… Sigue leyendo

The Easy DIY Table

Easily make a nice, sturdy table out of a single sheet of plywood. This project is so simple we weren’t sure if it was worth posting, but it came out great and has… Sigue leyendo

EP54 Pipe Coffee Maker

  This is the second episode of our “CoffeeScapes” series that features different ways to make the things that make our coffee. This pour over coffee maker is made from a short piece… Sigue leyendo

EP8 $5 Bucket Stool

The $5 bucket stool epitomizes exactly what we are trying to do at HMM. The stool is durable, simple to make and aesthetically pleasing. It looks like something that could retail for $50… Sigue leyendo

Inventando el Finde: DIY cajón de madera verde

Hoy mezclamos lo nuevo y lo antiguo. Lo desgastado, con imágenes recientes de lo que nos rodea. Mi amor por los cajones de madera, de todas las formas, tamaños y decoraciones, se suma… Sigue leyendo

Transfer Laser Printed Photos Onto Wood DIY Project

Phone transfers, data transfers, and work transfers: meh. Photo transfers? Now we’re talking! Well, how ’bout photo transfers on wood? Yup, it’s possible, with the combined magical abilities of a laser printer and gel medium. Wow… Sigue leyendo


¡Lo prometido es deuda! Para las que nos pedíais el DIY de las letras luminosas de la PPSshop, aquí lo tenéis 🙂 Hacía tiempo que tenía ganas de hacer mis propias letras luminosas, un día cotilleando… Sigue leyendo

Letras decorativas

Oi meninas.. A dica que trago hoje é a de um DIY de Letras Decorativas. Aproveite o tempo livre no final de semana para colocar a mão na massa montando suas próprias letras decorativas!… Sigue leyendo

DIY Marquee Letters

We finally got to use these at our wedding!! We ADORE how they turned out! It was 100% worth the time and effort. ***END UPDATE*** Oh. My. Gosh. We FINALLY finished this project!!… Sigue leyendo