Cuadros de madera ¡DIY!



prepare wood for sign

Primero prepare mi madera. La corte y pinte de blanco. Luego deje secar.

vinyl wood sign

Mientras que la pintura se secaba, prepare mi vinilo.

Apply Vinyl to sign with Transfer Paper

Puse papel de transferencia en mi vinilo y transfer el vinilo sobre mi madera.

second coat of paint wood sign

Luego pinte. Una vez que se seco la pintura, removí el vinilo.

Family Rules Sign Tutorial

DIY distressed wood sign


Distressed Wood Sign Decoration

My We Do Family wood sign is currently residing on our entryway table.  It gives a good pop of color to my front room and I love to read the words on the sign.  It encompasses the feeling that I want to have in my home.  I want a home centered around family, forgiveness, mistakes, hugs and most of all around love.

In This House We Do Wood Sign_Family