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wood block

This DIY Wood Block is super easy to create, also a great gift that anybody would love! Supplies: Wood Block Mod Podge Minwax Wood Stain or paint Picture poly foam brush Mod Podge… Sigue leyendo

Encía 2

Most modern books use a codex binding where many sheets of paper are sewed together and a cover is wrapped around the book to hide the binding, protect the book, and provide a… Sigue leyendo


La idea de hacerme mis propias libretas me encanta, y es que las libretas me chifla!. Me declaro completamente adicta a las libretitas, y son pequeñitas y tienen portadas monas mucho mas!! Así que… Sigue leyendo

Desk organizer

Contributor post by Caitlin of The Merrythought I’ve really been diving into simplifying in big ways this year. Once I got mostly decluttered, I realized I really needed some storage solutions to help keep… Sigue leyendo


Is it just us, or is Ikea’s Fas Clamp Spotlight the most versatile lamp ever? We’ve been noticing it for years in unexpected (and expected) spaces, and it never fails to please. Finland-based… Sigue leyendo


We first came across artist Dino Sanchez and his lamps via on-line based The Vitrine. His latest collection includes two DIY lamps: one table lamp and one wall-mounted version. According to the directions,… Sigue leyendo

wall lamp

Industrial vintage lamps are on top right now as they have their own charm. Let’s make one for your space (preferably a bedroom), the supplies are Make-A-Lamp kit, craft jute, multi-purpose glue, pliers/wire strippers,… Sigue leyendo

reloj minimal

OCTOBER 29, 2013 DIY the other day i picked up one of these wood clock faces at the craft store with no idea of what to do with it – so i just… Sigue leyendo

base llamo

A lamp from concrete easily can be made by yourself with quite simple tools and materials. First you will need a wooden board which is 14cm wide and 80cm long. From this board you need to saw… Sigue leyendo